Brewhogs starts its story in 1984 when Robert Morton Limited from Burton on Trent, United Kingdom, were commissioned to design and supply a classic, showpiece brewery for Gold Reef City, Johannesburg, capable of accommodating complex stepped mashing, and capable of brewing all beer styles. The brewery was manufactured, shipped to South Africa, and established in Barney’s Tavern in 1985, where it stood on show as a working brewery for 9 years. Then, in 1993 the brewery was relocated to The World of Beer in Newtown, Johannesburg, as a working showpiece pub brewery. The brewery was then purchased by Brewhogs and completely refurbished in 2013, and re-established in Kyalami, where it stands today.

Our Brewster, Apiwe Nxusani, from Butterworth in the Eastern Cape, proudly holds a BSc Hons Microbiology (UP) and a Diploma in Brewing (IBD). She is the first person in South Africa to complete a National Diploma in clear fermented beverages (SAQA accredited), and the first black person in South Africa to be approved as a Brewing Training Provider by the IBD. She will complete her Diploma in Master Brewing in June 2014. Apiwe gained her experience at SABMiller, holding various positions over a six year period, including Project Brewer, Brand Brewer, Brewing Area Manager and Craft Brewer. Apiwe left SABMiller to pursue her career as a Craft Brewer and joined our team in 2013, not only as our Brewmaster, but also as Shareholder and General Manager of the micro-brewery. “Brewing is not only my career, but also my passion, my hobby. For me, craft brewing is about perfecting the balance between the science and the art. We love our craft!”, boasts Apiwe.

It has always been, and always will be our mission to brew classic beers in the traditional way, without the use of any artificial flavourants, colourants, finings or preservatives. We use only the best natural ingredients (organic ingredients are used whenever available) and filter our beer naturally, with primary filtration at 0ºC without the use of any finings, chemicals or additives, followed by a secondary filtration, resulting in a naturally clear and unpasteurized beer.

A famous brewer once said that you can measure the quality of a beer by its repeatdrinkability (repeat drinkability). This is the ability of the last sip of a beer to inspire you to indulge in another. It is our intention to create such beers, and hope that you identify such qualities in all of our beers.

Hazeldean Brewing Company have partnered with Brewhogs and are currently contract brewing two of their beers at the Brewhogs Brewery in Kyalami. Hazeldean Brewing Company has a strong relationship with Brewhogs. Brewhogs has assisted Hazeldean Brewing Company getting on its feet and we foresee this relations to grow ever stronger.