Introducing our latest unique craft!

Created for the curious by award winners in their Industry;
Hazeldean Brewing Co. and Gegrond Coffee Roastery.

Rent a Keg

Rent a keg

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Our rent a Keg is the beer equivalent of rent a crowd. Get one of these for your event and you will instantly win points all around.

Beer Tap


The taps are incredibly easy to use and will leave a lasting impression with your guests.

Each Unit has two taps, and can thus tap two different kegs at the same time.
It works with ice and is instantly ready to pour.

Rental includes the required couplers, gas, drip tray and runoff bucket.
It excludes beer cups & Ice.

If you already have your own taps and couplers, you are more than welcome to order kegs only.

Kegs & Tap rentals are only available with collection. Upon collection you will be instructed on how it works.

Beer Tap


All our kegs are 30L kegs, except for the G&T, they are 27L’s.

Beer Choices:
Ayrshire Pale Ale (APA)
Hazeldean Milkstout
Premium Pale Pilsner
Vienna Lager
Rooibos G&T (Sugarfree)

A Refundable deposit of R500 will be included with all rentals.


Tap Rental Only: R 632.5 Incl. Vat (2 tap unit)
Keg Rental Only: R 1414.5 Incl. Vat
Tap and Keg Combo: R 1989.50 Incl. Vat

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